A blockchain is a shared digital database that allows transactions to be recorded and verified electronically over a network of computers without a central ledger. Cryptography is used to protect the data from fraud or hackers

Blockchain 1.0

Download and Install MultiChain

Get up and running in five minutes or less:

Blockchain 2.0

Click on this link on your computer not your phone and download the video any version I believe there are 2 of the same video..

How to use the Mist wallet (from for
-Creating your own token on the blockchain

Blockchain 2.0/3.0

Coming soon….
-Technologies like IPFS, MAIDSAFEcoin, STORJcoin, SIAcoin, SWARM, FILEcoin…. basically “Storage” on the blockchain combined with all of the above 1.0 and 2.0 technology… (tokens, contracts)